KN24 Petit Ramusianum harmonique

deutsch KN24 Petit Ramusianum harmonique

KN24 Petit Ramusianum harmonique [1937]

Remarks: On 24th September 1938, Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz celebrated his 60th birthday. In honour of this occasion, Strawinsky and his friend Charles-Albert Cingria composed for him an unaccompanied Vexier composition for voice, which can be performed by a soloist or in an ensemble. With three pages long, the work is certainly extensive for an album leaf. The whole work consists of three pages containing four lines of music each and Strawinsky’s text appearing as an underlay, with humorous verses by Cingria coming before, in between and afterwards. Strawinsky completed the manuscript on 11th October 1937 in Paris. It was then given to the editor Richard Heyd, who was based in Neuchâtel. The work was first published by the publishing house of V. Porchet & Cie. in Lausanne in 1938 in the volume Hommage à C.-F. Ramuz. A halftone of the manuscript was published by Feuilles Musicales in 1962 in their March-April edition XV/2–3, pp 43–45*. The manuscript is today located in the National Library in Paris.

* The Lausanne edition, in which further sources that concern Strawinsky can be found, is very rare in Germany. A copy is owned by the Library of the Institute of Musicology at the University of Mainz.

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